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I was born in 1967 and I am now living in Arlon (Belgium). I have been writing poetry for 10-13 years, making paintings for 10 years and computer art with Photoshop for 3 to 4 years. I use a classic technique of marbled painting in a contemporary way. I have hundreds of paintings made by this method. I also have many China ink works, color inks and collages. I am always looking for a new picture to see for new images to create.

In the beginning, were the drawings of my earliest youth. Little colored squares put side-by-side to form what my brother and I used to call "magasins". This was my first primitive art, full of innocence and abundance and little boy concentration. Then, there were school art courses which seriously broke into this primitive innocence. My work now, has been the process of recovering that child's original joy. Over the years, it has also become a process of exploration and communication. Another remembrance linked to the origin of my artistic emotions is an old Disney movie, in which colors were flowing out of a magic paint-brush, thus giving birth to the story; shapes, characters and landscapes.

In a way, I have the same joy while creating my contemporary marble paintings. After leaving school, I went back to drawing and painting as an amateur, inventing not rules but ways of exploration. What encouraged me to continue was the unexpected appearance of a "vegetal" face during my first essay with watercolors, which provoked my surprise and astonishment. Ten to 15 years later, I am not yet back from these mysterious lands and I continue to discover new ones.


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