The main aspiration of my art is simply to inspire others to express themselves in a more constructive and meaningful way. If we can open
the door to our imagination, find the source of creativity and channel our energy into its constant flow, the results are endless.
We can find the
space and time to push the boundaries wider, offering the possibility to place new steps of change, to share a gratifying existence and quench
the thirst of our desires. The first step in the procedure is to turn around and begin a journey, a walk into your own soul. It is only through
knowing and understanding ourselves that we can begin to understand others. Also, how do you know where you are going unless you know
where you have come from. The journey I have taken to create my art has been long and bumpy, but my hope is to smoothly pave the way
so others can follow.

Naturally any long journey becomes tiring, but if you remain focused on the destination and the rewards it will bring,
your pain will be soothed. However, it is only a minority who understand the importance of the journey itself.
The painting
entitled "TIME" is a vision of hope. It gives a glimpse of the method behind the art. The pain of waiting, of knowing, and of
the past. It is hopeful because even though tears are painful, they are a release of tension which teaches us to value life
and to be strong. The hope and reassurance comes because it will only be a matter of time before a change for the better
will come, before this art will be fully understood and its theories exercised. Then perhaps it will not be too late to turn life
around and shape the future.
Creating my own style of art is a dream come true for me, and is a reqard in itself. However,
as artists know, its another dream to make it happen in the vast field of visual art. If there are any secrets they are to
trust your instincts, listen to crtiicism, and above all, trust in God.



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