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First, there is a repetitive need to document collective miseries of peoples as the zeitgeist seems to be [again] an over-celebration of the individual as an aim of civilisation -from hedonism to esoteric. Second, verbal language as a means of communication seems to have come to an impasse. Attempt, therefore, with all the individual limitations, is mainly to investigate social pathology. Contrasts in material conditions, in mental lives of humans are gross, stark and disturbing. Hunger and poverty, to name only two forms of social ills, make atomised self an almost elitist concept [and its derivatives from hedonism to esoteric]. Additionally the conflicting agenda of the main agencies affecting our lives - the state, market and media make even the simple and direct statement of a social problem difficult. Now to communication. We apparently speak the same verbal language but actually ideas are laden with individual pre-conception. Thus more the elaboration of what is meant, more the scope for distortion of what was meant. Hopefully, the none-too-subtle pictures, sometimes with captions, go some way in statement of a problem.



Acrylic on hardbaord, unframed, 815 by 607mm
PRICE: £650

'Media and Us'
Oil on canvas, framed, 615mm by470mm

35mm pine moulding painted brown
PRICE: £250

'Poverty- Formal & Substantive'
Acrylic on Hardboard, Framed, 1300mm by 680mm
45mm wide pine moulding light yellow ochre
PRICE: £800

'Some Doors are always closed'
Acrylic on hardboard,unframed, 1220 by 607mm
PRICE: £500

'Sweet Beliefs in Brittle Abodes'
Acrylic on hardboard, unframed,607 by 607mm

'Things fit in retrospect'
Acrylic on hardboard, unframed, 1220 by 607mm
PRICE: £850

'Thick-skinned,slow, long-lasting... mediocrity wins the race'
Acrylic on Hardbaord, Framed, 670mm by 670mm
35mm pine moulding painted bright lemon yellow
PRICE: £250

Oil on canvas panel
War sanctified by established regions.Two pictures at top are from popular Hindu mythology. One depicts a God at war [caption-'GOD'sOWN], another a God guiding a war[caption-GOD ORDAINED. In the middle a fresco from Crusades. Remaining pictures from contemporary wars- IN THE NAME OF GOD.

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