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1. Each painting a lifetime

2. I have no idea. I work from no idea. I come from traditions of no idea.

3. The colors choose me. The narratives choose me. The paintings choose me.

4. Y el Corazon es mi amor. {The underbrush is on fire again.)

5. I put stones in circles. I put flowers near doors. I kiss the dead. The dead kiss me.

6. Painting as digestion, a way to eat through Iife. No painting, no digestion. No digestion, no life!

7. Using the wrong tools can be so important.

8. Better a dulled brush that a sharp mind. (Apologies to Marcel Duchamp... get over him folks.)

9. Sidestepping the movement of Time thru Calling.

10. No way around it: North = colder winters, steadier hands, longer songs; South = hotter summers, smarter feet, canciones calientes.

11. It's about post post-modernism: time for bone dancing, my friends...

Hay muy pocos angeles que canten,
Hay muy pocos perros que ladren,
Mil vilones caben en la palma mi mano.

There are very few angels that sing,
There are very few dogs that bark,
A thousand violins fit into the palm of my hand. Federico Garcia Lorca

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Junkyard Choir (for T. Waits)
68" x 98", mixed media on plywood, 1999


17 Songs for Garcia Lorca
66" x 80", mixed media on hollow core doors, 2000.

(see detail of this below)


29" x 78", mixed media on hollow core door, 1998

Death Angel
24" x 79", mixed media on hollow core door, 1999


Lost Muertos
96" x 96", mixed media on plywood, 2000


17 Songs for Garcia Lorca, detail (see above)


Lost Muertos (detail - see above)

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