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Sculptor/film special effects artist based in London, graduated from Wimbledon School of Art, 1999.

In my sculpture I aim to capture transformation, and to convey a sense of movement in an ultimately static medium,
and what it might feel like to be two forms inhabiting one body. How anything outside our recognisable natural order
becomes fearful and unsettling; a freak, a monster. I aim to create something simultaneously beautiful and disturbing.


Venus Fly Trap

Resin, 1999
172 x 152 x 128 cm
For sale £2500


Damsel Fly

Resin, 1999
59 x 229 x 19 cm
For sale £1800

Trilobite Wallhanging

Muslin, 1997
105 x 69 cm
For sale: £400




Resin, 1997
28 x 27 x20 cm
For sale: £500


If you would like to buy any of emily's work please get in touch with us here at artesian; visionary@artesian-arts.org

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