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At the physical level, SHAPEY BEINGS are made of papier maché over wire. Most of them are Angels or Archangels, but I also make masks,
bowls, mirrors, dragons and creatures from other worlds. The majority of SHAPEY BEINGS are free standing, while the others hang on walls or
are suspended.
SHAPEY BEINGS appear to work at levels beyond the physical. They have been described as energy beings, and in making them
I often feel that some kind of benevolent presence has arrived. Sometimes the energy is gentle, sometimes it is challenging me to step past the
familiar and to trust my intuition. Each Being is unique, each is an adventure.
I welcome commissions. It helps if you tell me the size, type and colour
of the Being you would like. Prices start from £20 for Beings approximately 1ft/30cm tall.
I can be contacted through Artesian or via




David and the Moon (1)

David and the Moon (2)

Karmic Serpent



Celebration Angel


Priestess of Atlantis

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