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Gavin Wilson lives and works in Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear. In an article Gavin has written, entitled, "The reconstruction of time and space"; he writes:

I try to work as spontaneously as possible during the initial stages of each work; during later development, or sometimes when they are complete, I
contemplate them for long periods, looking for an element that triggers a recollection (a reconstruction ) of a past event, thought or feeling.

Whether creating 2D or 3D work, each of my pieces begins its life as a spontaneous creation. Most often, there are no drawings, preliminary sketches
nor preparatory studies. There are no models nor direct references to the physical world. Each work I construct is a unique original, begun 'automatically'
and utilising sub or preconscious thought as much as possible.

Once this initial burst of creativity is over, the work is then further developed by adopting a more consciously thought-out approach. This said, sometimes
I feel that a work has achieved its requirement of being 'right' during the initial spontaneous stage and requires no further conscious intervention.
Such works, though rare, do occur.

Music is used extensively in the studio as a means of distraction, conscious intervention during the initial creative stages.

Lately, my working practice has been expanded to embrace stained glass and still photography. Through my current work I am beginning to question
the boundaries between painting and sculpture. I am developing constructed sculptures and assemblages that can be either wall-mounted or free-standing.
I am also beginning to incorporate paintings and picture frames into free- standing sculptures.


Gavin Wilson on Blyth Beach.
Photo by Nikki Gill.
Oct 2000



"Tree of Knowledge"

Acrylic on balsa on board

Gavin Wilson, 1998


Carved Driftwood mounted on half frame

Gavin wilson, 2000

"Motel hallway"

Mixed Media on board, 24" by 12"

Oct 1998

"Dreams of Motherhood"

Acrylic on board

Gavin Wilson, 2000

"We are shaped by where we've been"

Mixed Media (Jeans) on board

Gavin Wilson, April 2000


Photo by

Gavin Wilson, April 2000

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