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I am at present on placement at Duncan of Jordonstone College of Art (Dundee, Scotland), having graduated last year in Fine Art Printmaking, and while I was browsing in the library I came across an issue of Artesian. I was instantly drawn to this magazine and found myself wanting to know more about it. I was inspired to read of the varied backgrounds of the artists involved or invited to participate, as I too have found the healing effect of creating art.For a number of years I worked as an enrolled nurse, first training in Dundee, moving and working in Edinburgh, and latterly returning to Dundee. Initially unaware that in those last few years I was suffering from burn-out, a condition, very real, which left me, not just unable to do my job, but barely able to cope with everyday things like cleaning the house, going to the shops, talking to people, especially being around people. My salvation was that I had initially signed up for a part-time course, and in time, realizing I could no longer give nursing any more of myself, I moved on to the next thing which was a full-time course, and then came a natural progression to art college.A real interesting aspect of this I feel worth mentioning is that the timing of everything was perfect and yet in no way was it planned, so I cannot help but believe that it was all meant for me. After almost 15 years of giving to others, through art, I could start to give back to me, and in so doing began a great new and exciting journey. A journey that was sometimes hard and sometimes scary, but very rewarding and very true.I am also very interested that some artists in your publications create work inspired by their dreams, as I too dream a great deal and have visions through meditations. My recent series of work was inspired by my feelings of being drawn to the sacred and ancient sites of the standing stones, burial mounds and rock carvings, especially around Kilmartin Valley, which I find is not just steeped in the most rich and ancient history of our great land, but is also very spiritually powerful to me.My visions and travels also took me to Canada, and briefly through America. This was a fantastic opportunity and experience, which was made all the more magical by being drawn to likewise people who beautifully shared their artistic thoughts and gifts with me. I am continuing in my exploration of this creative source, the subject matter of which I feel for me maybe endless, I indeed hope so.The great delight for me is that I have been exhibiting in the Kilmartin area (in Scotland) now since late last year and am now in preparation for my first solo show at Ardfern as part of an arts festival being held there, July 21st - Aug 4th, with my work showing at The Galley of Lorne Hotel.Another point I feel valid to my story is that now I am gradually turning back to people, feeling stronger and able to offer more of myself, but in a more healthy and balanced way, which I believe is being able to give to others, but not at the cost of myself.

Grace Cameron 1/06/01


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