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My work is generally based on meditations and dreams, and is my personal method of exploration into the nature of other realms through sensing and portraying the visual forms and qualities of energies in various places and states of being.
My themes are based on nature in its various aspects, such as cloudscapes, inspiring mountains, movements of water, as well as sacred sites, stone circles, and I have painted all the planets in our solar system.

My interest and concern is that the paintings are of a healing and inspiring nature, for I have always been just as interested in healing as I have in art, and like to think that I am focussing harmony and healing through the paintings as an offering of service and pleasure to others. When I go to a sacred site I can see and feel the energy present like a shining presence coming through me, and I can also pick up this quality from a site through a photograph too.

Visionary painting for me is part of a soul searching, universal searching into realms of discovery within the portals of God's creation, echoing the energies seen in meditation or visions. For on the physical level energies do not seem a reality for all is slow and little vibrancy Is apparent, but on other levels everything sparkles and vibrates like bright sunlight on water, or transforming fluid patterns, for all is in motion, singing and dancing, and that the universe dances like the Song Caelestial.

With regard to qualifications and exhibitions. I studied furniture design at Newcastle Polytechnic and obtained a BA Hons Degree in Industrial Design, Furniture in l975.

I have worked as a textile design assistant in London, and as a potter for about five years around the country. I have done other work such as office jobs and care assistant work, and studied various complementary therapies.

I have exhibited with the Free Painters and Sculptors, London in 1980; at Wetheriggs Pottery, Penrith in 1986; with the Lakeland Guild Galleries in Keswick and Coniston, with Gossipgate Garden and Gaslight Galleries in Carlisle and Alston, and the Theatre in the Forest all in 1987; the Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal, and Coquetdale Gallery, Rothbury in 1988; Lancaster Museum Gallery in 1991. Down in Bath I exhibited in Huckleberry's Restaurant, and various shops and galleries in Glastonbury in 1990-91; then up north at the Forum 28, Barrow in Furness in1994; Llangefni Library Gallery on Anglesey in 1995; the complementary Health Centre, Ulverston in 1998 and the Manjushri Institute near Ulverston in i998; and lastly for the present time, the Tolbooth Arts Centre, Kirkcudbright in Scotland, 1999.

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The Furthest Tree, Oakwood
Watercolour & crayon
Size: 75cm x 58.3cm x 1.5cm
For sale framed @ £1500


Mare's Tails over Wetherlam
Watercolour & crayon
Size: 75cm x 58.3cm
For sale framed @ £1500

Rose Window 1
Watercolour & Crayon
Size: 64cm x 89cm x 4cm
For sale framed @ £1800



Realm of Ouranos
Watercolour & Crayon
Size: 60.5cm x 84cm x 1.5cm
For sale framed @ £2300



Luna's Realm
Watercolour & Crayon
Size: 60.5cm x 84cm x 1.5cm
For sale framed @ £2300



Hermes' Realm
Watercolour & Crayon
Size: 60.5cm x 84cm x 1.5cm
For sale framed @ £2300





Seek the far off vista hue
catch the light of spirit true,
light the darkened ways of mind
for souls when peace is hard to find.

A prayer which is bold and bright
combining gentle Joy with awesome might,
arresting mind with constructive thought
easing soul from turmoil fraught.

Powerful is the guiding force
unseen to mortal eye of course,
but when summoned puts to flight
all that darkens human sight.


Translate the idea in mind
to fit the key, hard to find,
steal the course from erratic vision
taking care in hand,
reveal right-minded decision,
hope replacing inconstancy
transform the scope to understand.

Many mountains to behold
seeking what will not unfold,
vista views remain concealed
until the minds view can be revealed.

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