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'The Hozhoni Foundation Art Program was started to provide a nourishing environment for artists with Developmental disabilities and mental illness to indulge in creative self- expression. (Similar to Project Ability in Glasgow) The program provides an art studio space and materials. The program has been very successful and received the 'Best Practise Award' in 1999 from the State of Arizona. The individuals in the programs have never had the opportunity to express themselves through the visual arts. Their images are honest and pure. They express themselves with the freedom of the hidden impulse. '

Terri Engel, the Hozhoni Foundation, Flagstaff, Arizona, USA

' The Hozhoni Foundation values integrity, creativity, teamwork, communication, respect, competence and compassion. Established as a non- profit organisation in 1971 to provide residential , vocational and educational services for people with developmental disabilities, Hozhoni has offices in Flagstaff and Prescott. It is a state and federation funded agency that is split into two services: day program and residential. " The day program generally has 80 to 100 people , depending on the season, and the residential program has 85 people," said Terri Engel, the assistant day program director.

Through the residential services , the organisation tries to provide alternative living arrangements for the people it serves. The living arrangements vary from a traditional group home settings to independant and semi-independant settings. Medical, social and recreational programs are provided for the residents, including innovative programs created to address the needs of the individual. The residential facilities are licensed and monitored by the state...............

As part of the day program, the Hozhoni Foundation has an art class for adults with developmental disabilites. The adults come every day and work in the studio with instructors. " It's like a small fine art department" Engel said. '

Extracts from an artcle written by Christina Graves, March-April Issue, 'The Lumberjack", Arizona


The Hozhoni foundation, Flagstaff, Arizona.

The Hozhoni foundation, Flagstaff, Arizona,

Artists of the Hozhoni Foundation

The Hozhoni Foundation Computer Centre

A Corridor at the centre

Artwork by Robert Zappanti

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