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I was born in Britain in 1959, and studied science at university. I have been writing poetry since the age of seven, and had poetry and short stories
published at school and university. I edited an anthology Spirit of Flight: Poems of Aviation in 1999.
I would like to start a Social Ideas Network,
to improve all areas of life.
Below are 3 paintings, a poem, and three pieces of prose.


Consciousness Arising
by Eyegee





Close Nude (1978)
by Eyegee


Advances (1992)
by Eyegee



A journal for the "twenty-first century". We are beyond chemistry. We are beyond flesh. We are in the midst of new dreams and old tangled nightmares.
Competitive repetitiveness has made us want "something to show for it", but the opposite of productionist/consumptionist materialist philosophies -
and ideologies as emergency escape routes - in the form of New Age/Sew Age dogmas and wish fulfilment/defilement scenarios can only act as
stopgaps in the now. The splitting of minds, the cognitive dissonance, will continue if we allow it. People will carry on working to break down. They
will not share in one of the universe's tea breaks. The sun does not work - it simply is. The Love Corporation does not exist. Love cannot exist in
large inanimate agglomerations. In the megatropolis, it is lost in the punctuation marks of urbanoid structure and process, the reductionist work - directed
crowd, whether of pedestrians, passengers or drivers. The smile of the street lamp and the traffic light are meagre compensation for the dark grinding
of city's starbleached mill. What does the citivilisation make us become? Are we winning bread or losing hope? What has alienation done for you? Are
you standing on a giant's shoulders or kicking a dwarf while he sleeps? Is happiness your fuel, or is it a destination in itself? To what extent, if any,
does a sun need its planets? Will love suffice one day (or night) instead of the sun? Can we wrap up all of eternity's yesterdays and make something
good of it? Will accreted monuments, polyverse planets, mean something, if created, in eternity's tomorrows? Beyond pain and joy, can matte
r be
made a source of stable and tangible values? Lonely as a star without planets, I can only give to the energy of the neighbouring void. Giving,
in this case, at least, is being.




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