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I perceive life in colours, energy and light. I engage all my senses, emotions, and experiences to bring the canvas in front of me to life. I am not a technician; I am in search of experience and understanding.

My work in Chinese medicine has changed my perception of health, life, how we interact with our environment, others and ourselves. It has deepened, and renewed my wonder in nature, and intimately influences my art.

The paintings are a map of my consciousness dynamically changing from moment to moment. My aim is to attract and absorb people and to create a place where everything seems to stop for a second, a place where inner and outer worlds connect.


Jo is a self-taught artist. After holding a solo/self-managed exhibition at Lauderdale House in Highgate, London, she has been invited to exhibit in unusual spaces, such as Holmes Place Lifestyle Clubs in Notting Hill (London) and Salzburg/Vienna (Austria).

Jo lives and works in North London as an artist and practitioner of Chinese medicine. Her career in Chinese medicine, and trips to the East, greatly influence her paintings and way of life. Her love of painting with rich colours, large canvasses and gold guilding metallics are reminiscent of the East, and highly responsive to light.

She has undertaken numerous commissions and recently her work has been purchased by many private collectors in the North/Central London area.

Her paintings are a celebration of life, movement and colour, yet at the same time elegant and relaxing. The explorsion of energy and colours uplifts and inspires. Her aim is to attract and absorb, to create a space where inner and outer worlds connect.

Jo is founder of hte Inspired Art Fair 2003, an exciting new project where over 250 pieces of contemporary art by talented self-taught painters, sculptors and photographers will be showcased at the Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London E1, from 2-5 October 2003 (see

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