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Significance of marks, secret symbols, inner mysteries of numbers, codes, strange writings, warrior presences, amulets, signs, spirit birds, guradians, Benefactors, beating of drums, mantras, dream visions, volcanoes, undestined comets, gestures, tasselled horses, bones, cosmic talismans, scriptures revealed, arcane heroes, horizons, duskmoths, heronries, history of trees, labyrinths, watchdogs, seers.

O You Ancient Kings now revealed! You Sages of the Hidden Word! You mark-makers long-forgotten! O You of Intense Gaze! You men who hold sticks! You who carry stones! You who mouth meanings! You men who pray with beads! Who knows your world? Who keeps your secrets? Who draws the line?

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Wool and Silk Embroideries


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