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I was born in Hampshire in 1959, and I attended a variety of boarding schools until the age of 16. I started pencil drawing at the age of 12 and have been fascinated by it ever since. I am completely self-taught. I have recently had an exhibition at Edinburgh College of Art, which was a thrilling experience for me since it was so well received. I plan to continue drawing and perhaps produce some paintings in the near future.



Losing My Temper

Ten feet from-the surface of Mars
I finally Iost my temper
with the illegal transmissions.
Contained cobalt power pulled me and propellants homewards,
Two computers failed, just handling the revenge.
The settling of paying back the money, new money piped in.


I slipped fast through the atmosphere,
Switching on the rocket sound dampers;
Part of Earth below,
Miles of rocky scythe road with different pyramids,
Mottled brown colours, thousands of interesting dwellers homes.
Change up to ten miles out from main centre of Anger City
I pushed the right button, swallowed a pill,
A power-soaked weapon attack took out the main complex
A neutron star.


Some dust-area turned into creation layer zone 122/122122
Data read-out telling me the good news.

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