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I have been drawing in one way or another for as far back as I can remember. My creative expression has always been my escape-if you like; from the confines and conformity of life. The imagination, I believe is an uncharterable kingdom full of exquisite landscapes and beautiful possibilities - the place where our dreams are born - where we are all free to be who we 'really' are. For me, creating art is a spiritual experience, which has been intensified recently, since I was 'called' to the gentle yet powerful healing energy of Reiki. I never plan a piece of work in the conventional way- rather ideas appear like leaves being swept down a slow moving river - until they are picked up by my subconcious. I wish all others on this path love, happiness and peace. Karen.

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'Animal Guides', Karen Davies

'My Father', Karen Davies

'Premonition', Karen Davies

'Sacred Tree', Karen Davies

' Totem', Karen Davies

' Trickster', Karen Davies

'Untitled', Karen Davies

' Who am I?', Karen Davies

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