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A Story of Life'

Here are 3 pictures from a range entitled 'A Story of Life'. This is a series of works that represent for me a healing journey.
I have chosen to have them produced as greetings cards with the hope that they will touch others in a similarly positive way.
Each picture resulted from a question posed to the paper and an answer delivered through a visual image.
I am a self-taught artist and regard my work as spiritually inspired.
I hope that each image is open to all to apply their own stories and understandings.



The Sorcerer's Apprentice

This picture was created after a shamamic soul retrieval, and illustrates a renewed flow of creativity.
This has been the most popular image and contains many strands of magic.
The Goddess Creatrix has many forms: wise woman, abundant provider, lover and mystical student.

This picture offered new advice on direction in my life.
It was drawn on dark moon and followed the request 'Which path to take?'
Inspiration follows and awards me answers in the form of riddle and character.


This picture was inspired from the rocks and reflects on the ever existing presence of fairy communities
intertwined beneath our human experiences.
The picture was drawn on rocks in Cornwall whilst drawing with my mothe

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