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Liz Parkinson was born in 1946, in Muswellbrook, in rural NSW, Australia. She was always interested in art, and drawing, but didn't ever study it formally.
Upon leaving school, she attended Sydney University, and completed a degree in Economics. She taught for a while, and has also travelled through Europe,
Asia, the Middle East and Africa, working as she went in both London and Israel.
In the 1970's she spent a lot of time developing her pen and ink style, and
studied silversmithing. She then taught silversmithing for 15 years to adult groups in NSW, and continued on with her artwork.
In 1977 Liz met Herbert Eckert in
Sydney, and he sent examples of her work to Jean Dubuffet in France. He recommended that some of these should be purchased by the Collection de L'art Brut
in Lausanne, Switzerland. In 1978 three works were purchased.
Since then, her work has appeared in various Outsider Art exhibitions in NSW - in Sydney in
particular - and she has also had 4 solo art shows.
These days she and her husband run an Internet service, and she spends what time she can doing her artwork.


Give me back your life

Snaked woman with forked tongues

With black storm clouds


Under stress


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