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What's it all about then?

My art is quite consciously "intuitive" if that contradiction can be borne.
True intuition is beyond imagination and the conscious and logical mind.
It is a deeper knowledge that we all possess, it is authentic and there is truth and humanity.
It is born of the body, the mind and the spirit of a person/people and its forces are there working, even at a subliminal level for us all.

It is our conscious mind that is often in fear or awe of what lies there and we can choose to acknowledge the strength of its visible (or other) manifestations or deny and shun them. This denial can present itself as disgust at and with images from the "source" maybes more often in our present culture than admiration as there is a tendency to admire what we can quantify and understand consciously and scientifically.

Intuitive art may come under attack on technical (scientific) grounds or aesthetics (in accordance with cultural tastes), these too are defences.
Intuitive art can elevate you as the artist or the spectator, beyond the mundane into realms that can harmonise our whole being and humanity.
It is captivating to perform and to look at.
It is nonconformist and creative.
It allows you freedom.
It encourages communication and connection.

Put your prejudices aside, let your guard down and enter the painting.


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Oil on canvas, 61 x 92 cm


Oil on canvas

T o r n
Oil on canvas, 28" x 22"

Oil on canvas, 61 x 92 cm

Little man
Oil on canvas, 61 x 92 cm


Oil on canvas, 122 x 61 cm

Oil on canvas, 152 cm x 61 cm


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