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I am concerned with the meeting of the spiritual and material world. Absence and Presence and where they meet in the Last Trace of land, sea or sky, the vanishing point of infinity. I started working on the theme of thresholds between this world and the next in 1997. I have also worked in video film on 'A Still Point In Time' and ‘Elements of the Sublime'. I am interested in mixed-media work, painting and photography.

The “Ladder” painting is one of a series - being a meditation between heaven and earth. Although painted prior to the events of 11.9.01, I recognized the scenes on TV as what I had been painting all summer.


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Glastonbury Tor
Acrylic on Board, 31"x25"
June 1997

A2-size photograph, 16"x24"
Autumn 2000

In the Quicksand
Oil, wax on canvas, 16"x12"
Christmas 2000

Being and Nothingness
Felt collage, June 2000

The Archipelago
Oil on canvas, 28"x17"
August 2000

Lost Sheep
Acrylic sand, grain etc on board, 18"x18"
June 1999

The Last Trace
Oil and wax on canvas, 6"x4"
October 2001

Acrylic sand thread soot oil on canvas, 12"x16"
(One of a series). June 2001


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