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My name is Maurizio Miele. Born 10. 6. 63. started painting and colouring in April 1995. Influences - Picasso, Jazz/Fusion music, Indian music, Hendrix. Occupation: music teacher since age 14 years old. Self employed. Aim: to help people be happy and content with their mind. To encourage and help each other to create a world of peace and happiness. I admire people who help pensioners, handicapped, less fortunate who cannot do things for themselves. To encourage love to each and every one.

Maurizio began his painting career in a park in San Francisco. In 1995, many miles from his native Huddersfield , England, he was impressed by the work of an aspiring " plein-air " artist and decided to follow suit. He has never looked back since. Over the last seven years, he has built up a rich understanding of how oils and colours could be bent to the artist's will experimenting with different canvas sizes and drawing on early twentieth century painting for inspiration. Picasso is a towering influence. Music is the other creative passion of his life. Since the age of 10 he has been dedicated to the craft of the guitar player so that by 17 he was playing professionally.

For years he has written and composed his own songs and produced his own music CDs. He currently teaches guitar ,bass,drums and general band training. He was also well known as the inventor and maker of the " Upside down guitar " which was featured in the USA guitar player magazine in the September 93 issue. His influences include Jimi Hendrix and Ritchie Blackmore.

The first thing that strikes you about a Maurizio canvas is the raw use of colour. Primary colour is placed boldly next to primary colour. Abstract symbols mix with facial references and hints of landscapes. Some of his earlier pieces speak of anger and frustration with those close to him. More recent works sing with confident reds and dazzling yellow-golds. Each painting starts with an acceptance that his subconscious will dictate the choice of colour, form and pattern as the painting evolves. Intuition guides the evolution of the painting until it is complete. From start to finish Maurizio finds painting a relaxing process, a means of escape from writing music and other life pressures.

By : Zainal Muhammad

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