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Mike O'Neill was born in Liverpool, England, on the 7th February 1952, under the astrological sign of Aquarius, with Cancer rising. He is essentially an Aquarian artist/creator. Innovative, intuitive and visionary. An individualist, whose approach to his work ignores any current trends or styles, only following his distinctive vision.
He has been a composer of avant-garde electronic music, under the name Myth Gestalt Musik. Conceiving, directing and collaborating with dancers, film-makers, other musicians and computer animators to produce anumber of multi-media events, to accompany his music.
A compilation CD of Myth Gestalt Musik entitled 'Only 2 colours in 1 silence' is scheduled for release in early 2001. Music Technology magazine, commenting on some earlier work, called his music "Dark, Haunting and Majestic". The same could be said in relation to his paintings!
His paintings have been exhibited at the Souled Gallery in Glastonbury, Somerset, and at a recent solo exhibition he titled 'The Somnambulists Menu' at the Lunchclub Cafe/Gallery, Redland, Bristol.There is a mysterious, ethereal beauty to much of his work, and often a lyrical, sublime, spiritual quality, as in the painting 'A man leaves home and with his friends a goose and a white cat, they walk across the sea' 1997. Other paintings reveal bizarre, nightmarish, panoramic scenes. Bright white light is often explored within Mike's paintings and is a reflection of his view that in the not too distant future, new technologies combined with a deeper spiritual awareness, will enable human beings to transform and evolve into multi-dimensional, shape-shifting creatures, who will have little need of a physical body.Mike O'Neill works and lives with his friends ......2 white cats!.....at his home/studio/gallery just south of Bristol.


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Personality HQ (A Self Portrait). 2000.
Acrylic paints on canvas.
153cm x 153cm (5' x 5' approx.)

Balance and Harmony. 2000.
Acrylic inks and paints on canvas.
153cm x 123cm (5' x 4' approx.)


Light Sleepers, Deep Dreamers. 2000.
Acrylic inks and paints on canvas.
153cm x 123cm (5' x 4' approx).





Asking Forgiveness. 2000.
Acrylic paints on mdf. board.
123cm x 123cm (4' x4' approx)




Somnambulists Wide Screen View. 2000.
Acrylic paints/oil pastels on mdf. board.
123cm x 123cm (4' x 4' approx.)

One Strange Dark Angel of Desire. 1998.
Acrylic paints links on plywood. Unframed - woodback support.
1000mm x 690mm


Upon a Timeless Ocean where Catherine
Dances. 1998.

Acrylics on plywood, approx. 3' x 2' 6"
Privately owned.


Dancing with Creatures of Light. 1997.
Acrylics on board - 4' x 4' approx. Unframed.
Back supported by timber frame - painted black.


Fish Heaven. 1999.
Acrylics on plywood with plastic/foamex cutout/shaped fish fitted prior to painting.
Supported by wood back frame. 1450mm x 1170m

Aesling & Merla Wave to Swimming Angels
Acrylics on board. Back framed with wood for support, 4' x 4'


How do you do. I do Voodoo. 1998.
Acrylics on MDF board, varnished. 123cm x 123 cm (4' x 4' approx.)


A man leaves home and with his friends a goose and white cat, they walk across the sea. 1997.
Acrylics on 2 panels of mdf. board.
123cm x 123cm (4' x 4' approx.)

Talk, Talk, Talk, Talk
Acrylics on plywood, ,wood back support, over 4' wide x 20"

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