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Up until 11 years ago I was a practicing alcholic for 30years, and in Oct1992 I was granted a miracle and had my addiction lifted instantly from me, and from that moment I lost all desire to ever drink AGAIN!!!.

I always loved art but alchohol was always on my mind and I could never get on paper what was within me. In 1994 I started to seriously think about art as creative force in my life, after spending 30 years trying to destroy myself. Now drawing visions is my life's blood and sustenance, it's a gateway to transcend the physical and manifest a spiritual concept on paper, a physical action to provide a spiritual reaction. I draw on large sheets of watercolour paper using lead and carbon pencils and I find the grain and texture of the paper allows me to reach inside it to reveal the image. Combining this action with a circular motion of the pencil and the pressure of my hand is somewhat cathartic in nature in that it produces very fine detail work, "drawing in the microcosmic to reveal the macrocosmic".

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Kali 2


Persephone 2

Priest of Ra

Proserpine 3

Rhianon 2

Shiva's Dance

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