Peter Murray

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I live in Perth with my son and have had a wide variety of careers but currently work as a reflexologist. My interests are art, astronomy and mens' groups. I have had a lifelong interest in dreams, recording them from an early age and since a near fatal heart attack in 1997, painting them. I work with acrylics on plywood.

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'Bye, Bye John'

'Fixing Dad's Van'

'A Winged Horse'

'A park-keeper said...'

'Jupiter's redspot'


'saved Callum and Richard but not Dad'

'I prepare to take Kirsty to London'

'How did you get into Process State? '

'Parasite fish'

'Callum with three barefoot doctors'

'Via Ben Nevis to Safeways'

'An Artesian Meeting'

'Knights chased us'

'A Strange Land'

'I was with a platoon of soldiers'

'They put beano heads on to reassure me...'

'A Cave'

'I saved Callum.'

'Lightning from Mars'

'Out looking for Dad.'

'Repeating Aeroplane Dream'

'Susans Dream.'

'Wasp Attack'


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