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"My name is Ronald John Harold Chadwick. I live with my wife Linda, son Schiel and daughter, Dali. I was born in Kent in 1954. As a young man studying at Medway College of Design I found myself getting increasingly involved with the works of the Surrealist artists, particularly Dali, Ernst, Picasso and Braque. At an early age I made a point of copying the old masters to learn their techniques and skills. I also spent most of my time in life drawing classes. I am heavily influenced by Pop idiology , photography and films with almost every blank space that I work on I look upon as a journey of discovery and a great learning curve. I hope that this philosophy will stay with me in my career as an artist."

"Art for me is as important as tall trees to the giraffe."


Oil on Paper, 22" x 30"

abstract oil on canvas,17" x 31"

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