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Somehow I became an artist like falling up a tree and made some art. Art and whether it looks like crap or not doesn't really matter to me, we all know what we like and whether we know why I don't think matters either. I don't have a particular goal in painting, I paint how I feel at the time so in order to capture that feeling or idea I try to complete it the same day or sooner with a mix of sense of humour. David Shrigley is one of my bigest influences, his amalgamation of humour and strange ideas is pretty fantastic.

I studied computer graphic design as an HND in Aberdeen then went onto study illustration and printmaking in Dundee for an honours degree, I always enjoyed drawing and painting throughout the aledged design training. After college I moved to my secret Bat Cave style hide-out in Edinburgh and exhibited successfully in the 1999 RSA annual exhibition (with painting "Richard and Judy" - a satirical insight into the world of the dynamic duo), I then went on to be part of an eight man show at the bellevue gallery with artists like Colin Dunbar, Eleanor Macleod, Daniel Plant and many others. In the same year I donated a painting along side many other artists to "Maggie's Centre - cancer caring centre" which was sold through Alex Meadowes at Christies to raise awareness and funds for this important cause. Some other inspirations are : Kent Williams, Colin Dunbar, Dan Plant, David & Daren Farquhar (of Saint Maybe fame), David Schofield and Donna Leishman.


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