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This drawing caper happened very much out of the blue for me, 'bout five years back when i'd bought a large pad in it's folder, along with a little wooden case full of water colour pencils, some charcoal, erasers,sharpeners,etc. I'd bought it all for a fiver, from a flea market in Broughton Street (good deal eh? Ha!) with Astro, my girl, in mind for it all. Then when I held the folder under my arm with the nice wee case in hand, something came over me, a "Hey, this could be me" kinda feein' Haqh! so I ask my mate Cha, "Cha, D'yi think I look like an artist, hah/" He replies " What d'yi mean llok like? You are an artist Subie". I say, "Damn right boy, ha!" and that I'm off home to doodle, which is just what ah did, an' that's where it all began. Previous to that, I hadn't ever done anything by way of drawing. The pictures span from around '92 to the present. They've all just come about as the spirit's taken me. I've had some real good laughs with it, lots o'pleasure and lots of encouragement from too many to name. So thanks an'love 'n' everything. I hope you all enjoy. Subie is having an exhibition at the Pilton Resource Centre at the end of June (28th approx)....will add details as they are confirmed.