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Anthony Richard Proffitt (known as Tan) started drawing in 1997. His love of producing artwork is obvious and through a visit to Tan's home in Clackmannanshire I was lucky enough to see most of his work. Out came sheets and sheets of brightly coloured drawings of animals, people and cars. Koala bears are Tan's favourite animal and red his favourite colour. Most of Tan's drawings are produced with pens and Tan especially enjoys drawing people.

Tan describes himself as "an intelligent and capable man" and "does not like to be described as a man with learning difficulties." As Tan showed me more of his work I realised the great capabilities of this individual. It seems that for him, creating this work brings him joy.

As I looked at more of Tan's work I became drawn in to his use of colour and line. Each animal drawing that he creates captures so much expression and feeling. My favourite piece of work, titled, "Giraffe by the Shed" features a brightly coloured giraffe with a shed in the distance. Another of my favourites included a piece named "Dog in a basket." This drawing is of Peppa the dog who was much loved by Tan and his family.

Tan believes that "an important part of becoming independant is being able to let other people know your opinions." Tan communicates through his art and recently he has achieved Scottish Qualifications in problem solving, critical thinking and computer skills. He also enjoys writing stories on his computer and in June completed a sponsored walk in aid of the Children's Hospice.

article by Eleanor MacLeod, October 2001.


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