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Born and raised in Edinburgh, I have been using materials found on local Edinburgh and Musselburgh beaches since 1995. Before that I'dbeen making jewellery for clubbers in Ibiza out of silver cutlery. I find everything on the beach - TVs & videos, washing & sewing machines, computers, glass, rope, oil cans, even a breeze-block kitchen wall, which would become many sculptures, each based on how I felt at the time. This exhibition is about what's out there, lying around at your local beach. I wish for all the world that there was nothing apart from what nature intended. It's not a convenient dumping place to me - it's the collision point of two very different worlds on the same planet, a place which looks magical any time of the day or night, any time of year, in any country you're in - a place that can evoke extreme loneliness and extreme happiness. If you recognise any of your junk in my work, be embarrassed. If you buy my work, you'll also be helping clean up the places you'll probably take your kids next summer. When you are there, take a closer look at what shouldn't be there - you'll be surprised. Come in and see what I saw. Thanks.

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