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I was born in Liverpool in 1955. I have drawn for as long as I can remember. My current way of drawing arrived fully-formed in early 1989. Self-taught and working intuitively, my art is a form of pure meditation and spiritual contemplation. My drawings have appeared in numerous exhibitions in Europe and the USA; also in Raw Vision magazine and a number of small press outsider art publications in England and France.

In early 1995 I moved south to Brighton in order to live close to the sea. In the late 1990's I became involved with Artability South-east on their One-to-One outreach project as a tutor and mentor, working with disabled artists.



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'The Human Voice', 1997

'Inside Me', 1998


'Ludicrous Saint No.1', 1995
'The Magician', 2000
'Spirit Man', 1998
'Spirit Vessel', 2000
'Trinity', 1998
'Under the Skin', 1997

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