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I am a self employed artist, clairvoyant palmist and healer. I began painting around four years ago, and decided to have my first exhibition after a mind numbing week at a job club. Fortunately I sold five paintings and never looked back. My inspiration comes from the limitness of life. I find when in painting I enter the same zone as when I'm working as a medium. This allows me to set aside ego and conscious thought and link into the frequency of creativity. This energy then inspires words, colours and imagery which I pass on to the viewer. My philosophy is simple. Don't be afraid, always experiment, trust your inner voice and have faith.


"Support for an angel", James Page

"Celestial Beings", James Page

"Returning Home", James Page

"Teapot Soul Creation", James Page


"Knowledge", James Page


"Looking to the light", James Page


"Sea 1 ", James Page


Untitled Head, James Page

"2 Heads Better than One"


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