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Jenny describes herself as a printmaker and presently lives in Cornwall with her husband, Bob, and daughter, Becky. Jenny states," My early prints were
of my environment , farm buildings, the landscape; this work sold easily and the money helped me equip mystudio and he[p out a bit with the family income.
About seven years ago, I began some Primal Therapy which changed my direction
dramatically . My work began to free up and come from my imagination
rather than outside sources. This new work didn't sell anything like as well, but some strong inner compulsion kept me producing it in spite of everything.
Also I knew quite a few people that could relate to this new work and their encouragement and understanding kept me going. I realised I was re-discovering
myself through my pictures and I knew that it was essential for my development to go through this self-discovery process.
I began discovering many connections
such as the relationship of the images to the cycle of the moon, and the year and my own menstrual cycle. I began to realise that my past conditioning
had blinded me to these things, so I started to question the past values that I had been taught and to re-value everything from my own discoveries and
experiences. The more self-protective barriers that I broke through, the more I began to understand , and at the same time I realised I was connecting up
with images that were universal and timeless. I looked at images from other cultures and other times, and they no longer seemed strange, but instead,
they felt familiar to me - if I went to London, I no longer visited art galleries, but made my way to the Museum of Mankind, and the British Museum.
So what I
and many others feel now, is that we are living in a time of the flowering of the feminine, which is needed desperately to balance the all-purpose male
consciousness that has had the upper hand on our planet for two thousand years.."


"Rainbow Woman", by Jenny Croxford.

Hand Coloured Etching, Size 25cm by 30 cm


"Snip, Snip, Snip", by Jenny Croxford.

Hand Coloured Collagraph, Size 47cm by 58cm


" And Life goes on like a merry- go-round",

by Jenny Croxford.

Coloured drawing. Size, 50cm by 59cm

" Earth Mother", by Jenny Croxford.

Hand Coloured Etching, Size, 49cm by 57cm.


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