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Since graduating from Wimbledon School of Art I have continued to create works of painting, sculpture, photography and text workI have exhibited in some group shows and have contributed work to Zine Zone magazine that gives me a chance to combine art with text.
My art work is about colour, line, shape, humour, dreams, perversion, female beauty, male angst and isolation.

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Me and Someone else
Photomanipulation, 450mm x 300mm

Me, My Inner Self

Acrylic on canvas, 12" x 10"



Acrylic paint, 510mm x 410mm

I ran out of paint, but I like the eyes


Acrylic paint on canvas board, 510mm x 410mm

This is what happens when someone calls a painting 'nice'.



Oil on canvas board, 510mm x 410mm

The only piece I've ever framed so far.




Ink, Acrylic, Graphite, 6" x 4"
I was looking through some old photos and I saw apicture of an old friend
who one day told me he liked to dress up in his girlfriend's clothes.
This is what I think he might have looked like.

She is Very, Very Shy
Ink, 6" x 4"
The image came from a magazine. I used it in a collage, where it became distorted.
I enlarged it. I did all kinds of re-workings to it. It became unrecognisable to the original image.
I wanted to capture vulnerability, fear. A sense that this may have been the
first time the model has posed.

My Mouth has a Tendency to Get Me into Trouble
Acrylic/Mixed Media, 7" x 5"
I am learning to think before I speak. We all say things that we regret afterwards.
I have used this image a lot in my work when referring to relationships;

the text is a reference to me.

Ink, 6" x 4"
I was mixing some inks and stopped when I could see this picture emerge.
Lots of Little Red Happy People stood in a field.

Acrylic paint, 460mm x 360mm

Woodpecker Girlfriend
Latex, text, cotten, 6" x 4"
I do a lot of these. They are fun and interesting to read afterwards

Various Magazine Text
Then Re-arranged

From Zine Zone, Vol 3, Issue 33, June 2000


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