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My main influences are landscape, personal situations influencing mindscape, as well as music being a crucial factor in my works; Brian Eno, Stone Roses, Wire & lots of Dub Reggae (King Tubby - What a guy!). All play their parts! Making sense of personal situations (or trying to) is the line that I do take - symbolic representations, which often include more meaning that is revealed in length of time, than I actually execute in painting. Someone said recently "Therapy?" - more like understanding, revelation and insight which is part of the meaning of the cartography of my mind! Callanish is still a reverberating, rippling factor that is central to my recent works. The paintings shown were all completed in oil paint on canvas board. See more of my work on my web site at

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'Self Portrait'


'Dock Reflection'

'Meeting Space'




'Soft resurrection'

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