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My name is Katrina Stewart, i am currently studying my final year of sculpture at Edinburgh College of Art. Ever since i can remember i have been intrigued by life and spiritual matters and my ideas since i began college have been based on spiritual beliefs, my own and of others. I am interested in opening peoples minds, visually, intellectually or spiritually, to question what life is about. I like to create a sense of movement in my pictures and sculptures to make the viewers eye travel and start their minds on a similar journey. At the moment my work is about energy, energy within the body and this has led me to work with planes, specificaly the horizontal and the vertical. Connecting these two and pushing the viewers mind beyond the physical surroundings.

If you would like to contact me write to me at katree79@hotmail.com


" Eclipse"
This is a painting whose name tells the whole story,
this is based on the eclipse of the sun, 1998?( i think)
an amazing sight that had to be painted.

"Fragile line"
This is a sculpture made in Jan 2000.
The outer box is 6FT by 3FT by 3.5 inches and is made from MDF.
Inside the line is made up of latex casts from leaves and human skin
which hang attached to the top of the box, lit by a strip light which is hidden by a perspex cover.
The piece is about the fragile state of humanity, who are literally hanging by a thread to the life they, we, have.
WE are connected to nature (detailed look at the casts reveal almost identical structure in leaves and skin)
yet many think we are the force which decides this earth's fate.



"The Union"
This is a painting about the union of male and female aspects,
be that male and female aspects within one soul or two male and female souls who unite.
The form is based on the astrological sign for conjunct which literally means union or connection.
This painting is one of many in a series of dot paintings which were inspired by aboriginal art.


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