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As a self-taught acrylic painter, I derive great joy from presenting within my artwork statements which characterize my personal views of the turmoil within society. The use of acrylic paint placed on the canvas in thin glazes was introduced to me by the renowned Visionary artist, Norbert H. Kox, who encouraged and inspired me.The glazing technique allows me to build color and the strange creatures are used to help accentuate the message. The one eyed "Newt" image began as a symbol and representation of any negative force, such as: Evil, Degradation, Oppression, Intolerance, etc.Κ It has also evolved as a trademark symbol thus making it unique to my work. Hypocrisy and the duality of all things such as male/female, one's light side versus the dark side, etc., are also symbolized throughout the imagery.Κ The loss of education and increased ignorance, intolerance and hatred throughout our global society is of great concern to me. Fire plays a dual role; it is both destructive and cleansing. The viewer may decide which role is appropriate. My emotional distress, both personally and for society overall, come from my own battle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and my volunteer advocacy in human services issues. Although my work portrays a great deal of negative imagery, I am optimistic about our greater spiritual nature.Κ Through my own meditation, Zen Buddhist study and philosophical quest, I look forward to broadening my artistic messages. Thank-you for sharing in my experiences and growth.

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