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I have no art education or training. My drawings resulted primarily from journeying into an unexplored avenue of expression to help bridge the schism between world-weariness and inner fire: from a conscious choice to over-ride 'I can't draw ' to ' Let's see what I can draw from my soul '. The results showed me that the heavy can be the root of the light. My artwork is invariably based on circles and stars...snapshots of the continuity (circles) of light (stars)...from roundness to radiance and all the happens in between. I mainly use coloured pencils on a black background because the creative process of drawing light out of darkness is life- enhancing and growth-inducing, and the basic foundation for my life journey. I have found it therapeutic to display my pictures on the walls of my home where I can drink in their stories over time. One thing I have learned is to trust the 'mistakes' I make as I go along, otherwise I doubt I would have finished any of them. It is impossible to see how they affect the finished result, and through them i have achieved effects that I couldn't have consciously. I believe that what comes from the heart touches the heart, and this is what I hope to do in putting out these images. I would like to inspire others to work through their own blocks - who is that voice in your head that tells you that you can't draw/sing/sculpt/act/dance? There are countless books and classes out there to help give structure to your dreams, but no-one can give expression to the over-flow of your heart but you. If you knew you only had a limited time to live, and that you could make pots of money doing absolutely anything at all- what would YOU immerse yourself in your heart's content? Find that thing and take steps towards it. Draw on your INNER light and RADIATE! "

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