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Although I come from Sweden originally my images are inspired by pilgrimages in the Celtic world as well as to Andalucia in Spain, to Malta etc. The indwelling spirits in the sacred places speak to me in visions and dreams. The Goddess - here in the form of Spiderwoman, a Moorish queen in Andalucian mountains, a Paleolithic African ancestral Mother in the caves - is again rising within us in these too dangerous when our Mother Earth, who gives us life and spirit, is now so threatened. We must fight for her, on life's behalf. I am an "Eco Witch" and activist, a life-time feminist. I'm also a writer and co-author with Barbara Mor of "The Great Cosmic Mother: rediscovering the Religion of the Earth" and sole author of "The Norse Goddess" and "Return of the Dark/Light Mother or New Age Armageddon".

Blessed Be

Monica Sjoo

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Brides's Well at Imbolc on Lewis, Hebrides
Oil on board, 4 x 4ft

Bronze age petroglyphs
Mixed media

Rites of Passage
Oil on board, 4 x 6ft

Queen of Heaven and the Underworld
Oil on board, 4 x 2.5ft

Mother Earth in pain, Her trees cut down, Her seas polluted
Oil on board, 4 x 3ft


Moon, Sun and Earth/Underworld - The Mothers
Triptych, Oil on board, 4 x 2ft panels



Giant Goddess of Gozo and Malta
Oil on board, 4 x 5ft




At Kwik the tomb/temple of a great prophetess
Oil on board, 4 x 4ft




St. Non's Well at Imbolc
Mixed Media



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