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Welcome to the Artesian website

ARTESIAN ARTS is a group of artists.Some of these artists have lived a life excluded from the world of mainstream art, and struggle with poverty, problems with physical or mental health, or homelessness and some have learning difficulties with other individuals following their own unique and artistic path.Art is produced that is raw, powerful, yet accessible because it touches the spirit and cannot fail to inspire.

ARTESIAN exists to promote this art and to provide a forum where the voices of the artists can be heard. Since its inception in 1999 ARTESIAN has established a regular magazine, an active website and on-line gallery, an outreach programme, and a small publishing press for artists' books, in addition to holding six highly successful group exhibitions.

ARTESIAN is part of a world-wide movement that is currently stronger in the United States, Russia, Australia, and Europe than in the UK.

ARTESIAN has received phenomenal response from artists, community arts projects, and individuals from all over the world for our work.

The responses to ARTESIAN's exhibitions and the Magazine have been almost overwhelming, as suggested by the quotes below:


"I love the magazine. As I looked through it I got such good feelings. It was as though I'd met a group of friends who were exactly on the same wavelength as me and felt excited about the same things that excite me. In the pages of Artesian I felt that I'd come home to my spiritual and creative birthplace..." V.P. Self-taught artist (has had schizophrenia and depression for 25 years)

"More than anything else in the magazine, something which touched me deeply, was the information on all your contributors. For the first time ever I realised I wasn't alone!!!!! All the original, individual creative people working within the same area as myself, seeing things from their perspective, yet all connected by the same vision! I don't feel like an alien anymore!!" M.O. Self-taught artist from London, now planning to move to Edinburgh

"Reading Artesian is really the first time that I have seen so much wonderful proof that there is a movement to support and encourage the power, magic and potency of creating. It was great to see so many people from all walks of life, doing their own thing outside of the contemporary art scene. I was very inspired reading the magazine and had a feeling of belonging to something rather than feeling strung out on a limb with my creativity. Thanks very much." B.R. Artist, poet and writer

"I am honoured to have met you. My client was absolutely glowing as we left your show. The inspiration and encouragement that you provided is well commended ... I appreciate all that you have done as far as motivating and inviting us to be included in your organisation." J.O., Project Worker, Edinburgh homeless project.

"As the editor of Raw Vision magazine since 1989, I have been constantly involved in the world of art and creation. I can state quite categorically that the work supported by Artesian is of high quality and Artesian plays an important role in bringing new art to a wider public. Artesian has an important part to play in the field of education and information to the benefit of a world at large." John Maizels, world authority on Outsider Art, author, and editor of Raw Vision Magazine.

ARTESIAN is a new magazine of Upwelling Art and Creativity. ARTESIAN celebrates the"upwelling" visual arts - images, writings and ideas that come from the many self-taught,intuitive and visionary self-taught artists and creators whose voices we rarely hear, bu twhose work is raw, inspirational and touches the spirit. These works arise out of each artist's inner need to express their own unique personal mythology, iconography and symbolism, welling up from deep inside as a means of guiding and accompanying the artist on their journey toward self-understanding and self-fulfillment, regardless of any artistic conventions or of public expectations.ARTESIAN has been created by an independent group of artists, designers, writers and poets, all based in Scotland. The artists and creators who contribute to ARTESIAN are of all ages, and come from a wide range of backgrounds, including artists who have survived drug addiction, homelessness, abuse and poverty, or are living with mental or physical illness or disability, have varied learning abilities, or are socially isolated.

ARTESIAN also features the work of creators and writers who are fascinated by the creative process itself and the wondrous visionary works that can emerge once one has tapped into the deep inner source of creativity. These artists and writers have one quality in common: they all create their art and writings by giving voice to a deep inner, visionary or spiritual source.

For many of the artists and creators who contribute to ARTESIAN, their work lies outside the mainstream of the contemporary art world, their images and ideas often dismissed or ignored because they are produced by the marginalised and the self-taught, according to their own conventions rather than those of the commercial world. ARTESIAN is not just a magazine! ARTESIAN also offers an
, to support and encourage upwelling creativity in individuals and groups. The Outreach Progamme includes Creativity Workshops,Creative Gatherings, Exhibitions of Visionary Art, Trips and Visits.See our Projects Pages for details.

ARTESIAN has also set up the ARTESIAN NETWORK. Join us to gain access to a network of upwelling artists, creators, thinkers and dreamers coordinated through our web site, msn web community, regular news-sheets, the new artesian archive, as well as workshops and creative gatherings. See details on our Artesian Network Page. Through the Magazine, Outreach Programme, and Network ARTESIAN seeks to:

inspire and empower actual and potential intuitive and visionary artists and creatorsfrom all over Scotland, and beyond, whatever their background provide a forum and network for contact, sharing, coordination and collaboration amongst such creators explore the sources and processes of Upwelling Creativity,as well as the processes of self-discovery and spiritual awareness that can arise during the creation of the Upwelling Arts ARTESIAN welcomes images and writings by artists and creators who see themselves as one or more of the following:

  • Visionary artists or creators
  • Self-taught, intuitive artists
  • Outsider artists
  • Outside the establishment or mainstream
  • Self-authorised
  • "Shamanic"
  • Channelled
  • Contemplative
  • Creator of Magical Art or Spirit Art

ARTESIAN celebrates diversity and inclusivity, and challenges contemporary perceptions of "ART".We hope that through their art, writing and ideas, these visionary creators will inspire and empower you!


Sadly, lack of funding and personnel over these past 11 years has meant that Artesian has had to go into hibernation.
We do apologise for the disappointment that might cause.
We are really sad too!